Infraxis launches IQS On-demand Payment Testing

Infraxis launched its powerful on-demand payment testing service to address the needs of organisations involved in the engineering of today’s payment and retail solutions.

Manfred Thomi, CEO of Infraxis AG  said “Engineers and QA departments now require access to testing facilitates quickly and reliably without having to worry about the computing resources and installation complexities to get their test apparatus up and running. Our IQS on demand solution makes it easy for organisations to gain access to our state-of-the-art, collaborative testing facilities on a 24 x 7 basis, making their testing process both efficient and extremely cost-effective.”

Standard test packs for common protocols are made available and loaded from the fast growing number of resources on the IQS Asset Store. Users have their own online IQS workspaces which can be securely shared across their organisation to facilitate a truly collaborative QA experience. Users can upload and save their own test configurations, record their test results and even to modify the test steps within the standard appliance framework for hybrid application testing.

Infraxis provides online support and is able to offer full training sessions for new users whenever required. Infraxis also develops client specific test packs for those clients that wish to offload the effort involved in developing application specific test apparatus.

Whether you need to test an application, network or device connection over a standard network protocol or whether you need to test RESTful service APIs, IQS provides you with a reliable environment ready for functional, non-functional and performance testing of your business services.

IQS – The modern face of payment testing.